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Barb Knows Guelph AND Paragon Kitchens!!

Posted Nov 20, 2014

There’s a certain calm to my kitchen. It’s in that moment between being completely renovated and being utilized. There are a couple of things left to install, so for now I can just gaze at the new lines of my cabinets, feel the cool smooth surface of the countertops and imagine the fun and laughter that will envelop my kitchen… soon.

We’d been contemplating a renovation for some time. As a Realtor, I’m very aware of what value a kitchen can add, or detract from a home. Our kitchen had certainly come to the end of its useful life, with doors breaking on a regular basis and limited functionality at best. It was a great kitchen in its day though, open and airy, easy to entertain in. It was the very room that sold me on our house over a decade ago. However, if all my frying pans fell out of the cupboard one more time as I struggled to get the one I needed… I digress.

Having the opportunity to be in many kitchens with my job allowed me to form a pretty good mental checklist of what I wanted, and wanted to avoid in my new kitchen. I enjoyed clean lines, great workspaces and solid cabinetry with innovative and functional spaces behind the doors. When I found these features altogether in a home, more often than not, it was a Paragon Kitchen. It didn’t occur to me to shop around.

My experience with Paragon Kitchens has been fantastic. I knew from experiences with clients that they do amazing things with awkward layouts and really strive to utilize every bit of space with ingenious, thoughtful designs. My kitchen is a good size, but with 3 entry point and 4 windows, it was a bit of a head scratcher as to what could be done to maximize its potential. That’s ok because Mike Brown, our designer at Paragon Kitchens, likes a challenge! We morphed through several inventive ideas during our brainstorming sessions and really listened to our requirements.

Work began exactly as planned and has been on schedule throughout. The communication has been constant and issues are resolved quickly and effectively. Working with a group of professional, experienced people who really care about the end result of your project is absolutely amazing. Mike, Mary and the whole team at Paragon have all been a pleasure and truly care about your experience with the project as well as the finished product. Check out their work at

I am so excited to put the kitchen back together. Everything has a place waiting for it, including individual slots for my frying pans. Joy!! 


Barb Goetz Ruse
Barb Knows Guelph!!!
Sales Representative
Coldwell Banker Neumann Real Estate, Brokerage
824 Gordon St., Guelph
Cell: (519) 400-0923



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